Governance Policies

To best serve its shareholders, the investing public and its listed companies, NYSE Euronext has created a governance structure that reflects the highest standards of independence, oversight and transparency.
Certificate of Incorporation and Bylaws
NYSE Euronext is incorporated in the state of Delaware.
NYSE Euronext Certificate of Incorporation  (pdf)
Second Amended and Restated Bylaws of NYSE Euronext (pdf)

Corporate Governance Guidelines
The NYSE Euronext Board of Directors has adopted Corporate Governance Guidelines relating to director qualifications and board composition, board meetings, committees, performance evaluation and succession planning, and compensation.
Corporate Governance Guidelines (pdf)

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct
NYSE Euronext is committed to leading by example and to supporting the highest ethical culture in everything we do.  In keeping with that commitment, the NYSE Euronext Board of Directors has adopted the following Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.  Each Director and employee of the NYSE Euronext organization must follow the letter and spirit of this Code.
Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (pdf)

Related Party Transactions Policy
The Board of Directors has adopted a Related Party Transactions Policy. This Policy sets forth, among other things, standards and procedures with regard to transactions involving directors and senior executives of NYSE Euronext.
Related Party Transactions Policy  (pdf)

NYSE Euronext Political Contributions Policy Statement
The NYSE Euronext Board of Directors has adopted a Political Contributions Policy Statement.  This Statement sets forth the policies of NYSE Euronext and its majority-owned subsidiaries with respect to corporate political contributions.  NYSE Euronext will not make contributions to a candidate for political office, political committees or any other political entity.
Political Contributions Policy Statement (pdf)

Independence Policy of the NYSE Euronext Board of Directors
The purpose of this Policy is to set forth the independence requirements that shall apply to the members of the Board of Directors (the “Board”) of NYSE Euronext.
Independence Policy of the NYSE Euronext Board of Directors 2012 (pdf)

Candidate Nomination Policy
The NYSE Euronext Board of Directors, apart from the chief executive officer and deputy chief executive officer, comply with the independence requirements for listed companies of the New York Stock Exchange as well as with the terms of the Independence Policy of the NYSE Euronext Board.
Candidate Nomination Policy (doc)

U.S. Trade Association Dues or Payments Used for Advocacy or Political Activities
NYSE Euronext has voluntarily agreed to disclose the portion of dues or payments that U.S. trade associations report to us as being used for advocacy and/or political activity purpose where dues or payments are greater than $25,000.  The information in the table below was provided to NYSE Euronext by the organizations listed.


Trade Association Name Dues and/or Sponsorship Payments ($USD) Portions Allocated to Lobbying ($USD)
Futures Industry Association 50,000.00 4,125.00
International Swaps and Derivatives Association 44,000.00 0.00
Mid Atlantic Venture Association 45,000.00 0.00
National Investor Relations Institute 62,000.00 0.00
National Venture Capital Association 50,000.00 34,500.00
New York Venture Capital Association 115,000.00 0.00
Security Traders Association 35,800.00 0.00
Security Traders Association of New York 25,000.00 0.00
TechNet 150,000.00 24,000.00
World Federation of Exchanges 165,163.00 0.00


U.S./EU Safe Harbor Privacy Policy
To see the NYSE Euronext Safe Harbor Privacy Statement, click here.