Employee Development and Careers

As of December, 2010, NYSE Euronext employed nearly 3,000 employees and we recognize that our success comes through each of them. In order to ensure good performance, leading to better results and the creation of greater sustainable value for all its stakeholders, we focus on having the right people in the right jobs and empowering our entire staff to develop and perform to the best of their abilities.  We set common standards, define expectations, have a strong evaluation process, and offer extensive educational and training opportunities.

NYSE Euronext sets challenging strategic, financial and operational goals for the Company. Performance management and reward policies are important tools to help achieve these goals.

Our compensation program is founded on the belief that paying fair and equitable performance-based salaries will return long-term benefits to both NYSE Euronext and our employees. We deliver great value through the combination of total monetary compensation and a comprehensive benefit program.