NYSE Technologies

APPIA Expands Its FIX Capabilities

APPIA Expands Its FIX Capabilities

From a single global business, NYSE Technologies delivers best of breed products using world-class technology connected to all the worlds' major markets. We are the world's leading provider of end-to-end electronic trading solutions. Through leading edge software, combined with high performance connectivity, we engage the global trading community with innovative tools, access to liquidity and worldwide markets and third-party, value-added applications.


FIX Marketplace

Both buy-side and sell-side traders can get immediate access to a world of potential and established trading partners.


NYSE Technologies’ fully-managed, hosted, market-data feed service offers global coverage, low-latency, and reduced costs.

Market Data

NYSE Technologies supplies financial market professionals with high-quality, comprehensive global market data.

Hosted Markets

NYSE Technologies partners with MTFs, ATSs and IDBs for an unparalleled experience developing and maintaining exchange venues.


NYSE Euronext Launches New Global Data Agreements

NYSE Euronext introduces new Global Data Agreements governing the use and redistribution of its NYSE Euronext US and European real-time market data.

Super Data Centers

Global Liquidity Centers in North American, European and Asian markets - a new standard for colocation.

NYSE Euronext Acquires Metabit

Leading provider of market access products in Asia expands NYSE Technologies’ global offering.

Universal Trading

The Universal Trading Platform is the latest innovation in trading systems now deployed on all NYSE Euronext markets.