Board Committees

Each Committee consists solely of Directors meeting the independence requirements of NYSE Euronext.  As a result, neither the chief executive officer nor the deputy chief executive officer of NYSE Euronext serves on any of these Committees.  The NYSE Euronext Board of Directors reviews and adopts charters for each of these committees annually.

The Audit Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors and is charged with monitoring the internal and external reviews of the finances of NYSE Euronext and its subsidiaries.
Audit Committee Charter

Committee Members
Robert G. Scott (Chair)
André Bergen
Luís Maria Viana Palha da Silva
Rijnhard van Tets
Jackson P. Tai

The Human Resources and Compensation Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors and is charged with duties relating to human resources policies and procedures, employee benefit plans, compensation and disclosure.
Human Resources and Compensation Committee Charter

Committee Members
James McNulty (Chair)
Duncan McFarland
Sir Brian Williamson
Sylvain Hefes

The Nominating and Governance Committeeis appointed by the Board of Directors and is charged with (i) recommending to the Board candidates for the Board of Directors, (ii) reviewing NYSE Euronext's governance principles and practices, (iii) recommending director compensation, and (iv) succession planning.
Nominating and Governance Committee Charter

Committee Members
Jan-Michiel Hessels (Chair)
Ellyn L. Brown
Marshall N. Carter
Sir George Cox

The Technology Committeeis appointed by the Board and charged with assisting the Board in: (i) reviewing technology developments and strategic opportunities, (ii) providing guidance in the prioritization and implementation of technology initiatives, and (iii) reviewing system security and contingency measures.
Technology Committee Charter

Committee Members
Sir George Cox (Chair)
Jackson P. Tai
Rijnhard van Tets