Investor Contacts and FAQs

If I am a NYSE Euronext Shareholder, how can I contact Investor Relations?

NYSE Euronext Investor Relations

U.S. Tel: +1 212.656.5700

Europe Tel: +33 1 4927 5860

U.S. Investor hotline: 800.218.1182

Where is NYSE Euronext incorporated?
NYSE Euronext is incorporated in the state of Delaware.

Where is the common stock of NYSE Euronext listed, and what is its ticker symbol?
The common stock of NYSE Euronext is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol NYX and on Euronext Paris under the symbol NYX.

Where can I find general information about investing?
Explore our U.S. Consumer site,

When does NYSE Euronext’s fiscal year end?
Our fiscal year ends on December 31. 

Does NYSE Euronext currently pay a dividend on its common stock?
In December 2009, the Board of Directors adopted a quarterly dividend declaration policy. Dividends for future quarters will be determined by the Board taking into account such factors as the Company’s evolving business model, prevailing business conditions and the Company’s financial results and capital requirements, without a predetermined annual net income payout ratio.

What are the Options for Dividend Payments in Non-US Currencies?
As a convenience to its European shareholders, NYSE Euronext has offered registered shareholders domiciled in Europe and shareholders that hold their shares through Euroclear France the ability to elect payment of the dividend in euros. The dividend will be converted from U.S. dollars to euros at an exchange rate prevailing on a date near the anticipated respective dividend payment dates. To the extent that such shareholders do not make an election, the dividend will be paid by NYSE Euronext in U.S. dollars.

In order to elect to receive the dividend in euros, registered shareholders domiciled in Europe must complete a NYSE Euronext currency election form. Registered shareholders may also elect to receive their dividends via electronic funds transfer. Forms for these elections have been sent to registered shareholders by NYSE Euronext’s transfer agent, Computershare, and are available on

Shareholders that hold their shares through Euroclear France that wish to elect to receive the dividend in Euros must contact their broker.

Eligible registered shareholders who have not previously submitted forms must return the completed NYSE Euronext currency election form and completed Form W-8BEN to Computershare no later than each respective record date.

If you have any questions regarding dividends:

  • Registered shareholders should contact Computershare at the numbers below
  • Beneficial shareholders (who hold their shares through a brokerage account) should contact their broker

NYSE Euronext has appointed Société Générale as its paying agent for shareholders holding their shares through Euroclear France. Brokers that wish to contact Société Générale should contact:
Georges Geraci: +33 (0)

What are the IRS Requirements Non-Resident Alien Investors?  
The United States Internal Revenue Service requires that all non-resident alien investors certify their foreign status by completing a Form W-8BEN. A Form W-8BEN is also required in order to claim, if applicable, a reduced rate of withholding as a resident of a foreign country with which the United States has an income tax treaty. Failure to provide a completed Form W-8BEN may result in the imposition of U.S. backup withholding taxes on dividend payments to your account. Registered holders will receive the Form W-8BEN from Computershare or they can download it on Shareholders that hold their shares through a Euroclear participant must contact their broker to obtain the Form W-8BEN.

Do you have a direct-share-purchase program or dividend-reinvestment program?
We do not offer a direct-share-purchase program or dividend-reinvestment program.

What is a transfer agent?
A transfer agent keeps shareholder records and performs administrative and record-keeping duties for publicly traded companies.

Who is the transfer agent for NYSE Euronext’s common stock and what is their contact information?

Computershare Shareholder Services

P.O. Box 43078
 Providence, R. I., 02940

Phone: 888.985.2056 (U.S.)
 or 781.575.3005 (Non-U.S.)
Email inquiries:
Web site:
Letter to NYX Transfer Agent

Do you have an Investor Hotline?
Yes. You can hear our latest stock quotes by calling our US Investor Hotline phone number at 800.218.1882